Development Program (U7-U10)

Welcome to the Development Program section of the website. Our goal is for you to use this information as a resource to keep you up to date with the program and to help in your child’s development.

About the Development Program

The Development Program of Albion SC represents the area of the program where the foundation of a player is developed. Albion SC believes in full ball mastery and creating the most technical and creative players possible. We have created a very academic approach to these ages with testing, measurables, and homework for the players to assure all that mastery is taking place.  There are very few programs in the country that puts the emphasis as a total club on the development of the U7-U10 player with guarantees around the skills they are learning.

A major component of the curriculum is that each player must come out of the Development Program mastering the "Core Curriculum “ of Albion SC.

These areas of technical training throughout the U7-U10 years prepares a player technically for the 11 v 11 game and sets player’s up to be successful individually as they progress in the game.

The Development Program offers additional training as a member of the club in the form of Friday Development Clinics, Juggling sessions, and opportunities to play or train with other teams in the program throughout the week to gain additional touches on the ball. The U10 players will be invited to attend the  Academy Training Sessions. 

As a member of the Albion SC Development Program we have one focus and that is to develop a player technically. We have built a proven model that will provide players the technical training to be able to succeed in the sport.  We have been very successful in developing some of the best youth players in the USA, while also winning big games and major competitions all while playing a very attractive brand of soccer. We want players to begin playing the game with a style of play and to be able to be creative and confident on the field.

The foundation of the club is within the Development Program and we dedicate time, resources and top staff to prepare these players for the future. The U7-U10 ages we foster individuals learning and exploration of the game. If players are developed then results will naturally take care of themselves in the time frame needed and will come when results are more of a priority for the team and the club.