These players were awarded "Player of the Year" as senior players in the club who have accomplished great things in their time at ALBION SC and showed extraordinary qualities on and off the field. This player typically has been with the program for the majority of their club career. All of these players were honored at our annual recognition party.

Player Graduation Year College
Claire Eliasberg 2008 Yale University
Spencer Shadeed 2008 San Jose State
Jeremiah Bunton 2009 St Lawerence University
Morgan Keefe 2009 Harvard University
Sean Callahan 2010 Sonoma State
Katie Wahl 2010 Coastal Carolina University
Carly Holly 2011 Westmont College
Andres Ramirez 2011 St Lawerence University
Karly Zlatic 2012 Harvard University
Patrick Barba 2012 Princeton University
Tierra Pullard 2013 South Carolina State University
Jake Shaniel 2013  
Adam Wright 2014 Boston University
Jonnae Joseph 2014 UC Irvine
Jay Baltazar 2015 San Diego State University
Natasha Bier 2015 Mercy College
Towsend Meyer 2016 Notre Dame University
Olivia Riley 2016  
Sammy Rahim 2017  
Haley Wilhelm 2017  
Arman Samimi 2018 University of Cal Barkley
Sophia Dent 2018 SIU Santa Cruz


The following players have been awarded the John Bunton & Ken Whalen Memorial Scholarship Award. This award is given to players that display qualities most favored by the great John Bunton, former club president, parent, and advocate of the ALBION SC and Ken Whalen a prominent business man in the commmunity and father of 3 great ALBION Players. This player will receive a 1-year scholarship to attend ALBION SC for their great commitment and contribution to the club.


Devin Marshal 2009
Eddie Alba 2010
Jose Merlo 2011
Shane Mahvi 2012
Heather Kaleiohi 2013
Christian Alvarado 2014
Dante Witte 2014
Kevin Montes 2015
Samantha Mckenna 2015
Alyssia Anuat 2016
Emerson Trujilio 2017
Victoria Orozco 2017
Lenny Garcia 2018
Jazmin Valencia 2018